The lost mine of Phandelver

Session 1

In the city of Neverwinter BA & the bad assesses were hired by Gundren Rockseeker to escort a delivery of mining gear to the frontier town of Phandalin. Agreeing to a payment of 60 gold for the trip, Gundren set out for the journey ahead with BABA to follow two days later when the equipment was ready.

Two days into the trip BABA was ambushed by a group of drunken Goblins. Quickly dispatching all but one of the Goblins the group searched the area and found evidence that Gundren had also been ambushed and was missing. Upon interrogating the surviving goblin, Splugo, BABA found that there was a nearby hideout that the goblins of the Cragmaw tribe used as a camp while conducting raids.

Agreeing to a payment for safe journey Splugo led BABA to the camp where they mounted a succesful raid that included dispatching Klarg the hobgoblin and rescuing a soldier named Sildar that had been traveling with Gundren.

BABA, with Sildar and Splugo in tow, set back out for Phandalin to deliver the goods they were charged with and see if they could find any leads on Gundren. Upon arrival in town the members of BABA quickly made a name for themselves. Black arrow learned of a local gang calling themselves the red brands that had appeared in recent weeks and had set about taking over the town via shake downs of local businesses as well as murdering locals in the streets. Although they were not able to get any direct information regarding the main base of the Cragmaw tribe they were able to find out that the red brands were based out of a local abandoned estate at the edge of town.

Team BABA left Splugo and Sildar in town and set out to lay siege to the red brand estate via a secret entrance….



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